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IMG_0026Patricia Maher HMC MSW  lives in New York City, and also maintains a national practice via video technologies. She obtained her Masters in homeopathy in 2006, studying under the tutelage of Louis Klein.   She also has a Masters in Social Work from the City University of New York.

Pat began her homeopathy practice after a long career as a leader of community organizations involved in social change.  After being treated by a homeopath over 15 years ago, she fell in love with the modality and decided to make it her second career.  Because of her background, Pat brings to her practice an understanding of the ways that social conditions affect our health, with a particular concern about the impact of racism.

Pat has been very active in the field of homeopathy. She has published articles in Interhomeopathy , Spectrum, and Homeopathic Links: An International Journal for Classical Homeopathy, and is active in researching and developing new homeopathic remedies with a group of colleagues (www.greatlakesprovings.com/).  In addition to studying with Louis Klein, she has also studied with Jan Scholten. Pat also teaches homeopathy, and has taught at the Baylight Center for Homeopathy as well as on Luminos Homeopathy webinars.   Pat is a member of a group of homeopaths attempting to inspire homeopathy to address racism in its practices.

Pat has also been an astrologer for over 40 years.  Astrology gives her an ability to synthesize information and understand what makes someone “tick.”  Her skills as an astrologer enhance her work as a homeopath and vice versa, since both astrology and homeopathy are languages for understanding who we are and how we relate to the world around us. In fact, the type of astrology she practices — Uranian astrology — was developed by a German homeopath in the 1920’s.  You can find information about her astrology practice here:   https://patriciamaherastrology.wordpress.com/

An amateur naturalist, Pat is an avid birdwatcher, lover of insects, and passionate observer of the natural world and the body politic.  She is also a trainer/organizer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, a national anti-racism organization.

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