My Homeopathic Practice

And whereas the allopath would ask the patient “where does it hurt?”, the homeopath knew that it hurt just about everywhere, including the psyche and the soul.”  

James C WhartonNature Cures: The History of Alternative Medicine in America

Homeopathy is a form of natural healing practiced all over the world, in Europe,  Africa, India, and South America,  and which has been in existence since the 1700’s.  It is holistic, which means that it takes the whole person into account and sees symptoms as interrelated.  The imagesword “homeopathy” comes from the roots  “homeo” which means “same,”  and “pathy” which means “suffering.”  The fundamental principle of homeopathy is that “like cures like.”

In homeopathy, we believe that disease can be cured, and that our body, mind, and spirit are interconnected.  Through homeopathy, our organisms can heal illness when brought back into balance.  This return to balance can happen when we are stimulated by something that resonates on an energetic level.  Homeopathic medicines are  that gentle energetic stimulus. Homeopathic remedies, made from over 6000 natural sources — plant, animal, mineral– are specially prepared, diluted, and “potentized” —  or energized.  We try to find a match between the symptoms associated with one of those 6000+ natural substances and your symptoms.  When we find the correct match, you get better over a period of months, even though you may have only taken a few doses of a couple of tiny pellets.

This method is  extremely noninvasive, and effective with  medical conditions that conventional western downloadmedicine often finds difficult to cure, such as autoimmune illnesses, diabetes, ADD, acid reflux, sciatica, thyroid imbalances, stomach pain, joint pain, ulcerative colitis, neurological problems, emotional problems, etc.

To me,  living with symptoms or chronic pain and taking many different medications for a lifetime is not health; rather, health comes from  addressing the root problem that caused the symptoms and restoring quality of life.   This is why I specialize in working with people with chronic illness, because  I want to help restore health.

Homeopathy requires patience.  It is not necessarily a quick fix, and it may take some time to see a well-prescribed remedy’s full effect.  Sometimes it may take a few tries before we find the exactly right remedy (the “wrong” remedy will not harm you.)

What to expect

Prior to booking an initial consultation I require that people schedule a brief phone call with me so I can assess whether I can be of help.  Then we schedule an initial consultation, which  takes about 2 hours. Currently my sessions are all virtual, mostly via Zoom and also via Skype and FaceTime.   In this initial consult you tell me what you would like to address with a homeopathic remedy, and also everything that is going on for you physically and mentally, even those symptoms that may appear minor to you.  I listen closely and take copious notes.  I ask some questions.  Then I determine which remedy you need, and I will identify where to source it.

After you take the remedy — which comes in the form of tasteless tiny little pellets that melt in your mouth —  we wait, we watch, and  we see what happens. Taking a homeopathic remedy does not require that you stop taking your regular medicines.  I will ask you to schedule a short phone or zoom chat with me within two weeks of starting the remedy, just so I can hear your initial impressions, and then we will also schedule a follow up appointment  for 6-8 weeks out.  Sometimes people improve immediately and sometimes the changes occur over several weeks or even months.  Ideally we will see some  improvement in your symptoms in first couple of months.  If  not, we may need to change remedies or change doses.

Homeopathic healing is a process, and the longer someone has suffered from a set of symptoms, the longer it may take to shift them.


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